a distant memoir


As we were walking and talking, it randomly started sprinkling to a slow pour of humid summer rain. It stopped just as quickly it started. I remember rushing to find shelter under what seemed to be the Hong Kong clock tower. It was around 12am and I thought to myself, “great, my evening of exploring is ruined.” The avenue of stars was only a few feet away. I looked at the time and felt frustrated and restricted with the curfew (2am) I had to meet. I haven’t had a curfew in a what seemed like ages ago, and I felt like I had reverted back into an adolescent child. What I really wanted was to meet Hong Kong during the late hours when it’s not bustling as it was during the day. There’s just something about roaming around unfamiliar streets at night that is really calming to me, whereas other people might think of danger.

We weren’t sure what else we could do with so little time. Everything, the ferry and shops were all closed. This has got to be the millionth time I’ve missed out on another opportunity to go view the cityscape from Victoria Peak too. I’ll definitely make it my mission to see it next time. Another glance at the time, I felt a slight sadness that I had to venture back soon. We eventually roamed into a hotel and went from chilling at the bar to the lobby. Funny thing is, I don’t really remember anything we talked about that night. All I wanted was for time to freeze for a bit, so I could remember this feeling – the thrill, mystery, excitement, etc. I had been stuck traveling with my family, which was suffocating at times and this moment felt relieving.

Aside from that, meeting you was one of the highlights of my trip. You had a friendly presence about you that made me feel at ease. I could talk to you about almost everything. This made my time sensitive trip to Hong Kong memorable.


“What next?”


This is the question that many many people have been asking me. Honestly, I don’t think anybody really knows what they are doing besides a rough idea of their long-term goals and what they envision for their future. The unforeseen future can be a frightening thought for some people, and this is mainly due to familial pressure and the harsh reality of needing to succeed or survive in today’s society. For others, they seem to appear confident and have a direction; some of these people may have started early on in order to mold and build their foundation for achieving their ultimate dream job and goals in life. As for me, I’m completely comfortable with the unknown. I think this will keep me on my toes and ready to hop on board the upcoming opportunities in my life.

My answer to the question: I don’t just want to join the workforce as a therapist in the mental health field. I want to do so much more than simply work my life away. I’m ready to contribute to society by helping families, children, couples, and individuals in need of practicing better solutions in their lives. Apart from that, I also want to continue my growth as an individual. I intend to do this by traveling to more of the world. Perhaps I may come across the people from various parts of the world and exchange ideas, embark on new experiences, and listen to their stories.

So far it’s been about two weeks since I returned from my trips to Florida and the bay. Although I don’t consider these destinations as really traveling the world, I did meet some foreign faces here and there. I’m extremely thankful that I planned these two trips so spontaneously because they allowed me to learn more about myself in just a short amount of time. I still can’t believe that my two favorite things, traveling and music, has allowed me to have some deep and interesting conversations with people I barely know. Also, being the responsible adult as I am, I made sure to apply for therapist positions right before my two trips and interview during the gap that I was back. It still feels so surreal that time has been flying by so quickly. It’s really true when they say that time speeds up when you’re an adult unlike the endless days when you’re a child.

Who knows what’s next? Expectations can lead to disappointment. Therefore, I accepted my first job offer and I will see where it takes me! I’m slightly ecstatic to say that I’ll be a bilingual, Cantonese-English therapist at your service.

My Journey to Self-Discovery

The best degree you can work on and attain is YOU because you are not defined by the amount of education you can have.

Sometimes you get so caught up in life you forget about yourself. I wonder how people find a good balance between finding time for themselves, their social lives, and important obligations. I’ve concluded that life is too short. Just take chances and follow what feels right to you. All will fall into place when it’s meant to happen.

I’ve been feeling a mixture of thrill and anxiety by the idea of becoming an adult. Luckily, my current circumstances have given me somewhat of a financial cushion and some room to delay adulthood. Before I commit myself to a 9-5 job as a full-time therapist, I definitely want to take a little more time to take some risks and chances that may allow me to venture into different realms of opportunities for me to pursue self-enlightenment and growth. I’ve been low-key obsessed with the idea of searching for quality in my life. What I’ve found in my search so far includes: deep conversations with people, getting out of my comfort zone, and taking in different perspectives.

Lately, I find that I have more room to stretch my mind figuratively, so I’ve been reflecting tremendously  daily on ideas, people, and experiences that I don’t want to miss out on. I’ve always been someone who was afraid to regret my choices, but now I want to become someone who isn’t afraid of taking chances.

I have two flights planned for next month. I’m going to San Francisco and Miami! And I am absolutely not sure what I am doing, which is more impulsive of me than usual. No matter how both trip goes, I am sure THIS is what I want.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson